The phenomenon of migration

The Day is celebrated today, 20 June
Refugee World. The phenomenon of migration becomes more and more
alarming, exacerbated by conflicts around the world. People
displaced or asylum seekers continue to rise and children
they constitute the most vulnerable band (see Agenzia Fides 19/06/2015).
Wars like those under way in Africa have provoked so far
forced displacement of over 14 million people. Only in South Sudan
more than a million children were born in refugee camps and never have
had no chance of living their age.
Among the various initiatives on all continents, the “Right to
play without wasting life “promoted by the Spanish NGO
Entreculturas of the Jesuits, is committed to education, of
opportunities that can offer stability and hope to children and young people
in emergency situations. In countries affected by armed conflicts,
education can indeed play a very important role for the
promotion of a culture of peace, educating values, tolerance a
to cohabitation. In the Arab States, of the total number of refugee minors and
displaced, more than 87% do not have access to the school. Of the almost 5
millions of Syrian school-age children, about 2 million do not go to
school in the country.
In these contexts of generalized violence, it is impossible
attend both for the destruction of the infrastructure and the
scholastic institutions that for lack of human resources. In many
Countries, going to school has become a very high risk business for
the life of children. In fact, in the last decade, it has also increased
violence against schools, students or teachers. The goal of
Entreculturas is that these minors can enjoy their right to
play and learn freely, without playing life, that they can
recover their childhood to aspire to the future they want and that
every human being has the right to have.