the mother explains her daughter’s “symptoms

For this reason he decided to send an email to the school to communicate his decision: “My daughter has closed with homework”. The post in which he explains his choice and why “children need to be children”, has become popular on Facebook, gathering in a few days 61 thousand “likes” and over 16 thousand shares.

In the email sent to the school, the mother explains her daughter’s “symptoms”: chest pain, sudden awakening at 4 am, incessant preoccupations with homework. Despite the desire to learn about the child (who likes to read, paint, do research, etc.), in the last four years the school seems to have become a burden. The woman also says she has consulted a therapist and has come, with him, to the conclusion that she must absolutely lighten the burden of homework. In reality, the mother’s intention is to eliminate them altogether. And in the post explains why.

“My daughter is at school from 8.15 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon every day, so can someone explain why she has to do homework for another two or three hours when she comes home? to dine and relax for an hour before going to bed? Is not it important to spend time with the family? The time spent simply being children relaxing at home is not important or should it become a little ‘workaholic’ just 10 years? “.

“Do you know that homework is banned in Finland?” Mum continues, “Do you know that, despite this, the students have the highest scores in Europe?” Children do not need to spend hours doing their homework to be successful. , but we act as if putting them back to the kitchen table after a full day at school may be normal, it is not.

Bunmi Laditan’s speech is not limited to his daughter, but concerns young students in general and their right to life. “Children need some time to catch their breath after school just as adults need it after work – he writes – they need to play with their siblings, they need to make a connection with their parents. in a relaxing atmosphere, not in one where everyone is stressed about fractions because – surprise – I am not a teacher.Children need time to enjoy their childhood, not just on weekends (although they often have to do homework also on Sundays) “.

“My daughter has closed her homework, if the school wants to punish her for this, I think I will start to inform me about how to make her study at home,” concludes the woman. “We all want our children to grow up and succeed in the world, and if I believe in education, on the other hand I have never believed, even for a second, that the school should consume the lives of children. day I will go to Harvard, I want her to be intelligent, complete, kind, inspired, generous, spiritual and find a balance I want her to be mentally and emotionally healthy I want her to know that work is not life, it’s part of life. work will not complete you, it will not guarantee you a family, friends, a community, rewards and being a beautiful person. ”

The post was full of comments: while on one hand there are those who reiterate the importance of the tasks in the life of small students, on the other there are those who support the struggle of women, reaffirming the need for children to have free moments, moments to devote to play and leisure. Bunmi Laditan, however, does not seem to have doubts: “My child needs to be a child”.